October 22, 2004

Companies with unknown locations

I have added a master list of all companies that are missing any (reliable) indication of state of operation or incorporation. Please see State/provincial locations needed. The list is hooked to the database, so it will always be accurate to the current database upload.

September 25, 2004

Imprinted revenues that appear on railroad certificates

Thanks to help from revenue specialist Eric Jackson, I have dramatically improved my guide to Imprinted Revenue stamps you are likely to find on railroad stocks and bonds and related financial documents.

September 18, 2004

New date format

I have finished changing the appearance of dates in certificate listings. Henceforth, the portions of dates within parentheses will indicate dates that are handwritten or typewritten. The portions of dates outside of parentheses will indicate printed portions of dates.
For instance "188(6)-188(9)" means a certificate is known to have been issued from 1886 to 1889. The printed portion of the date is "188-".

September 14, 2004

New share value format

I have changed the format for the denominations of all certificates that refer to shares. For example, stock certificates, temporary stock certificates, stock transfers, and so forth, now look like this:

odd is now shown as odd sh
<100 is now shown as <100>
100 is now shown as 100 sh

August 31, 2004

States of incorporations

States of incorporation and operation have now been added to listings. State name abbreviations follow each company name (if known.) See Deciphering state codes to learn more. Within a few weeks, I will add a search capability to allow users to search for companies by state.

July 15, 2004

Currier & Ives railroad prints

Added substantial new images and information to the Currier & Ives page. Newly-found information suggests the famous image, "The Express Train," originated with New York bank notes of the era.

July 10, 2004

More newsletters online

March and June newsletters posted to web site.

July 02, 2004

Currier & Ives railroad prints

I recently compiled a collection of every rail-related Currier & Ives lithograph I could find. It is available online at Currier & Ives.

May 30, 2004

New York Central group getting too large

Certificates from the New York Central have now been separated into three groups, representing the three incorporations of this heavily populated company.

NEW-530a, NY, 1853-1869
NEW-530b, NY, PA, OH, IN IL IN, MI, 1914-1961
NEW-530c, DE, 1960-1966

May 14, 2004

State designations in third edition

In the next edition, I will include state designations with company names. In the first and second editions, I combined state designations with certificate descriptions. Because of space limitations, I included only one state. The new change will allow several improvements: 1) It will allow me to include multiple state names; 2) It will save space because states will not need to be repeated several times; 3) It will allow collectors to spot companies from their main states of interest.