December 08, 2014

Another Fabulous Sale from Fred Holabird

The latest sale from Fred Holabird will take place in Reno, Nevada over three days, starting December 9 at 8am. If you collect anything from the U.S., but particularly from the American West, then I guarantee there is something in the sale for you.

In fact there is so much in the sale that the only good advice I have is to get a catalog for yourself. Contact Holabird's Western Americana Collections at 775-851-1859 or visit Fred's site at

This particular sale is titled, The Art, Brewery, & Collectibles Auction, but I have to tell you, even that title does not do the offering justice! The sale includes 2169 lots. The catalog is entirely in color and illustrates essentially every lot – INCLUDING multi-item lots. (I applaud Fred for showing entire lots; I really don't know why other sellers refuse!)

If you will go to, you will be able to see large views of all lots. By "large", I mean images many times larger than typical auctions. Fred and I are in full agreement on this. Online illustrations cost nearly nothing. It only makes sense to use the whole screen. In other words, show bidders as much as humanly possible. Thanks, Fred!

(Here is a picture of a multi-item railroad lot from my computer monitor, 11 inches tall.)

So what's in the sale?

  • Saloon-related artifacts, bottles, artwork, broadsides, bungs, mugs, glassware
  • Nevada artwork (prints and oils)
  • Historic maps
  • Exposition ephemera and souvenirs including badges, postcards, spoons, tickets
  • Presidential photos and autographs
  • Firearms
  • License plates
  • Auto stocks
  • Air industry stocks
  • Books and directories
  • Civil War covers and photos
  • Alaska photos, brochures, postcards, stock certificates
  • Bodie, Tahoe, Donner (Nevada) photographs and ephemera
  • Charles M. Russell sketches and photos
  • California postcards and ephemera
  • Nevada postcards and ephemera
  • Green River fish fossil specimens
  • Gold balances
  • Arizona stock certificates, postcards
  • Colorado stock certificates, photos, claim maps, atlases
  • Michigan mining stock certificates
  • Montana postcards, stock certificates
  • Nevada stock certificates, photographs, mine reports, checks
  • Oregon stock certificates
  • Utah stock certificates
  • Oil stock certificates (many locations)
  • Coins
  • Obsolete currency
  • Confederate currency
  • Fractional currency
  • Colonial currency
  • Scrip
  • Saloon tokens
  • Wells Fargo lanterns, locks, ephemera, bag sealers
  • Strong boxes
  • Railroad passes (large selection)
  • Railroad certificates, artwork, locks, ephemera
  • plus gobs of material too diverse for me to list

Again, if you collect anything from the American West, grab a catalog and visit Holabird's Western Americana Collections website as soon as possible.