December 01, 2011

Latest 2012 calendar published

Most of you probably know Bob Kerstein from his prominent web presence at or his appearances at shows. For the last several years, Bob has published a calendar of very rare and intriguing certificates from all types of companies.

His 2012 edition is now ready for delivery. For your copy, make sure you contact Bob as soon as possible at his web site or by phone at either 888-876-2576 or 703-787-3552. Calendars are available at last year's price of $9.95. (Bob offers discounts for large quantities.)

This year's selections are images of certificates and related documents from the collection of the Museum of American Finance in New York. Companies include:
  • The Cannonball Gold Mining Company
  • International Gordon Bennett Race
  • West Side Elevated Patented Railway Company
  • Louisiana Purchase Exposition Company
  • Kansas City Base Ball Association
  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna bond
  • The Pneumatic Strength Test Company
  • United States of America bond
  • New York Electric Vehicle Transportation Company
  • North American Underground Telegraph & Electric Company
  • Shadyside Operators Inc.
  • A Republican Institution in the Town of Boston
  • New York Stock Exchange Inc
  • Standard Oil Company