September 22, 2007

September newsletter online

New September newsletter uploaded and notices sent to subscribers.

September 12, 2007

Geology along western railroads

For those people out there interested in both geology and railroads (an admittedly small number), I have added a page of links to old USGS documents now posted on the National Park Service web site. Starting back in 1915, the United States Geological Survey created a series of six bulletins that talked about the geology along six major lines throughout the West. Today, these bulletins are highly collectible (and expensive).

September 03, 2007

Company mini-histories

A couple of links added on the site map page to point readers to pages dedicated to contributing short articles about company histories. I have a writing hints page, highly condensed from a seminar I used to teach on business writing, with the idea to help contributors write articles about their favorite companies.