February 17, 2010

More certificates from the American Bank Note Company archives

Dr. Robert Schwartz has announced the sale of certificates, paper money and ephemera from the archives of the American Bank Note Company. The sale will take place April 15 and 16at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Englewood, New Jersey. As with Bob's four previous sales, the catalog will be massive and should be available mid-March.

Unlike previous sales, Bob is handling the entire sale himself, a move which I personally applaud. Obviously, this means a tremendous amount of work, but I always collectors are more happy and more willing to spend when they know precisely where the proceeds are going. Dr. Schwartz has been in the business for many years and almost every collector has met him if they've attended shows in the East.

(The certificate shown above is an 1864 South Carolina stock certificate from a blockade running company. I will be most interested to see what that historic item fetches.)

The April sale will be handled entirely under the banner of Arhives International Auctions. There are currently about 500 lots planned for the stock and bond specialty. I don't know the precise percentage that will be rail-related, but you should probably expect about 150 to 200 lots. The sale will offer an additional 1100 lots involving paper money and security printing ephemera.

As I mentioned, the catalog will be availble in mid-March which is really only three weeks away. Catalogs will cost $15 postpaid (!). As always, I recommend putting in your order as soon as you possibly can. Send your email to Robert@ArchivesInternational.com or call Dr. Schwartz at 201-567-1130.

See more information about the sale (with additional fax and mail contacts) at Archives International's new web site at http://www.archivesinternational.com/

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Terry Cox said...

I have received several comments in the last few days like this: "I was very pleased to read that Archives International will be handling the next A.B.C. auction."