May 30, 2008

Upcoming Books

Long-time certificate dealer David Beach recently told me of his upcoming publishing efforts.

Right now, it looks like his book on collectible cigar labels will come first. If you are not aware of these great collectibles, look at his huge collection online at (And, if you're visiting Disney World down in Orlando, be sure to visit.)

Yes, if you're wondering, there are quite a few rail-related labels, including artwork with celebrities such as Commodore Vanderbilt and Henry Clews.

David tells me he is under pressure to finish Cigar Label Advertising Art, so stay tuned. I'll give more details on price and availability as his schedule becomes better defined.

Also in the works after the cigar label book is Antique Stock and Bond Certificates. Our hobby desparately needs more references on the subject, so let's give David Beach as much support as possible.

1 comment:

Pete said...

I certainly agree that the amount of reference material is scarce in this hobby.