January 16, 2009

American Bank Note Company Archives, part IV

Harmer Feb 2009 auction catalogJust off the press is the latest monster auction catalog from H.R. Harmer. This huge 550-page, full-color catalog is the fourth installment offering specimens, proofs and all sorts of ephemera from the American Bank Note Company archives.

As with its predecessors, Dr. Robert Schwartz described the collection which this time includes stocks, bonds, and huge numbers of world banknotes.

By my reckoning, there are 2,355 lots up for sale, all illustrated in full color. Stocks and bonds comprise about 1,000 lots. I do not have an accurate count, but roughly 320 lots are related to U.S. railroads with possibly another 50 related to railroads from other North American countries. A few additional lots offer railroad vignettes.

The sale will take place over a span of three days from (February 18 to February 20) at Harmer's main office in Bethel, Connecticut. As before, Harmer's buyer's commission on successful bids remains at 15%. I advise contacting Harmer as soon as possible to secure a copy of this crucial catalog.

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Anonymous said...

I received mine yesterday and totally agree great catalog.Maybe Spink-Smythe needs to order one so they can see what a firt rate catalog looks like.