May 26, 2009

Cherrelyn Horse Car in Denver

This was apparently the last horse car used in Denver and survived at least into the 1900s. I do not know what system it may have operated on nor whether it was officially incorporated.

This favorite photo appeared on the cover of Happy Home Chats from Feb. 10, 1936. (Happy Home Chats was a weekly 4-page promotional newletter from Denver's Happy Home Bakers.).

The horse would pull the car and passengers to the top of a gradual hill near today's Englewood. On the downhill trip, the horse would stand on the rear platform and ride down in comfort.


WVrails said...

There is something of a history with photos of the restored car at this URL:

There also appears to have been a brief mention of the line in the June 1955 Railroad Magazine (Vol. 66 No. 4).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Terry and for the link WVrails. I enjoy interesting bits of history like this.

Anonymous said...

The horse car survived until November 1910. It then served as an outdoor playhouse in Arvada until 1950 when it was donated to the City of Englewood. It has been heavily restored several times since 1950 and is now at the Englewood City Hall just outside the ground-floor entrance to the Englewood Public Library.

Terry Cox said...

Thanks for the information. If I can get some time, I drive down and snap a picture.