August 06, 2009

July 2009 issue of Scripophily mailed to members

The latest issue of Scripophily is out and is better than ever. The latest issue is 36 full-color pages chock-full of news of the stock and bond hobby. Scripophily is the publication of the International Bond and Share Society (IBSS).

The publishing schedule is now three issues per year, which I think is good. Issues will be sufficiently frequent to keep readers interested in the hobby of collecting stocks and bonds, but not so frequent as to run out of stories.

Major articles this time are:

  • Australian Breweries

  • The Railway to Nowhere

  • London's River Crossings

  • Where Did All Those Cancelled Certificates Come From?

There are numerous shorter articles including:

  • How Does the Crisis Impact the Scripophily Market?

  • D-Day Discovery

  • Award for John Herzog

  • Puzzler (about a Pacific Mail Steamship printing plate)

Recurring columns include:

  • Society Matters

  • Cox's Corner

  • The Traveler

  • Auction News

  • Auction Reviews

  • Events Calendar

You will receive Scripophily with your membership which is a meager $25 per year. I know that $25 does not sound like enough. I'm pretty sure you can contribute more without receiving any major complaints.

The IBSS has honored me most graciously by naming me a member of its editorial board. Nonetheless, my opinions are my own.

I hold an extremely serious conviction that all of us take huge amounts from our hobbies. We all build collections on the countless years of experience and wisdom of collectors, dealers, researchers, authors and catalogers who have preceeded us. That means that all of us — collectors and dealers alike — owe our enjoyment and appreciation to people we can never possibly repay. Since repayment to our benefactors is impossible, our only option is to pay forward to all those unseen collectors who will follow. No, not all of us can contribute articles, research and excitement. But we can all support our hobbies through membership in organizations.

The hobby of collecting stocks and bonds is microscopic by comparison to hobbies like stamps, coins, automobiles and art. That means small organizations like the IBSS are greatly dependent on our membership. I'm not talking only about monetary involvement. I am saying that members like you and me are seriously crucial to the health of the hobby by our mere presence.

I personally ask you to please consider adding your voice and your presence to this enjoyable hobby. Join us in the International Bond and Share Society today. And receive your subscription to Scripophily in the bargain!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The fee for the IBSS is a VERY good deal. You might also want to see if the ten-year membership is still available. When I took that option the annual price was even less.

For a journal done by the members on a volunteer basis - it is an extremely good publication. In fact, there are groups I am a member of that have paid staff to do a magazine that is not as good.

Also, the society has auctions several times a year that are only open to members. All the lots are available for viewing to members online and you can get some great pieces at fair prices.

Tim W.