October 26, 2010

Scripophily.com's 2011 calendar available

The 2011 stock and bond calendar from Scripophily.com is newly published and available.

As I mentioned last year, I applaud Bob Kerstein for preparing and printing his calendar far in advance of the new year. I enjoy the fact that Bob's calendars always include December of the current year so they can go up on the wall almost immediately.

Each month features a high-quality image of a stock or bond from a significant corporation. This year's rail industry contribution represents a scarce certificate from the Gagnier-Griffin Suspended Railway Bridge Company. The particular certificate illustrated was issued to Dr. G. H. Griffin, the company's co-founder and president, two months after incorporation. The company had promoted its concepts as early as 1892, but apparently did not incorporate until March, 1894. Before the end of the year, it had already built one system spanning the Tennessee River near Knoxville and the 1894 edition of the Street Railway Journal announced the company intended to span Niagara Falls. The novel bridge design was intended to convey single rail cars across rivers on suspended cables but had many other possible applications. 

Bob has compiled images of this scarce certificate and all other calendar pages in an Acrobat file that you can either view or download. Please contact Scripophily.com for your copy of the 2011 calendar. Single copies are available for $9.95 each. (Quantity pricing available.)

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