October 30, 2011

Needed! Prices realized from Smythe sales

As most of you know, R. M. Smythe and NASCA catalogs make up a large percentage of the references in my database of stocks and bonds. I've been collecting – and in many cases, re-collecting – catalogs related to stocks and bonds for twenty-five-plus years.

I am still looking for four missing catalogs plus two more that have fallen apart from over-use. I suspect I'll never re-acquire the catalogs, but I am hopeful of acquiring all the prices realized.

Do any of you have Prices Realized from any of the following sales? If you do, would you mind sending either copies, scans or PDFs?

# 69 Strasburg 1988, Public and Mail Bid Auction
Feb 6, 1988
# 73 Memphis 1988, Public and Mail Bid Auction Sale
Jun 23, 1988
# 80
# 97 Memphis International 1991
Jun 27, 1991
copy found
# 140 1995 Memphis Mail Bid Only
Jun 27, 1992
# 146 9th Annual Strasburg Stock and Bond Auction
Jan 26-27, 1996
# 147 9th Annual Strasburg, mail bid
Feb 8, 1996
# 156
# 173 11th Annual Strasburg, mail bid
Feb 5, 1998
# 177 22nd Memphis International Paper Money Show
Jun 19, 1998
# 178 22nd Memphis International Paper Money Show mail bid
Jul 9, 1998
#187 New York Spring Coin, Currency, Stock & Bond Auction
May 3, 1999
# 205 14th Annual Strasburg Stock & Bond Auction
Jan 19-20, 2001
contribution rec'd
# 212 25th Annual Memphis International Paper Money Show, mailbid only
Jun 27, 2001
contribution rec'd
# 269 New York City Winter Stock and Bond Mailbid Auction
Dec 15, 2006
copy found
# 272 Memphis Paper Money and Stock & Bond Auction
Jul 5-6, 2007
contribution rec'd

PS: "NASCA" stands for Numismatic & Antiquarian Service Corporation of America, a predecessor of the R.M. Smythe Co. The company became NASCA-Karp Auctions Inc. in about 1984. The company was soon acquired by John Herzog and became known as "NASCA, a Division of R.M. Smythe & Co., Inc." in 1985. Smythe continued the pre-existing catalog numbering in an unbroken series, so many numismatic dealers make no precise distinction between NASCA and Smythe. The "NASCA" name ultimately fell out of use in about 1991. The venerable British firm, Spink, took over Smythe in 2008 and changed the name to Spink Smythe. While catalog numbers were initially downplayed, SpinkSmythe continues the old catalog numbering.


F. L. said...

Sorry, found none of the above mentioned.


George Kanellopoulos said...

Hello Sir,

from the far away Athens City, Greece.

I see your New Topic in your Blogspot a little minutes ago,

and i want to inform you,

that i just send an E-Mail to Mr Normand Pepin of SpinkSmythe,

in which i inform him for this Topic,

and ask from him a possible Help!

Now, i want to tell you,

Congatulations for your Incredible Work!

I find it Unbelievable!!!

By the Way,

i want to ask you what you mean with the NASCA catalogs ?

I am searching for back Sales Data too,

and i can not understand what are the NASCA catalogs.

Can you say some Words for that, please ?

Kind Regards,

George Kanellopoulos.