April 02, 2013

Archives International Auctions, part 14

Archives International Auctions will hold its 14th auction at its office in Fort Lee, New Jersey April 16. This sale will feature approximately 1,150 lots, and like most recent AIA sales, leans very heavily on unassailable items from American Bank Note Company and its predecessors.

About 18% of the lots involve stocks and bonds and about 10% involve security printing ephemera. The remainder of the sale represents U.S. and world paper money. Huge numbers of specimens make an appearance, especially among the world notes. In my mind, the top-notch showpiece of the sale is a presentation proof of a $10 1890 U.S. legal tender with General Sheridan. Terrific! (This is the note shown on the cover, at left.)

Obviously, I am most interested in the selection of railroad stocks and bonds. True to form, previously unseen specimens are the order of the day among Archives International's offerings. Of the hundred lots being offered, I suspect there are 40-50 certificates I don't yet have cataloged. (Many are multi-item lots, consequently the number of certificates available exceeds the number of lots.)

To me, standouts among railroad stocks and bonds are "new" bonds from the Union Pacific, but collectors will all have their own favorites. An unlisted bond of the Eastern Railroad of Long Island ought to attract attention. (Long Island-related collectibles are always popular.) So should three bonds from the Central Pacific, one of which is a bond for $2,941,000. Another very interesting piece is an 1870 proof from the Northern Pacific. Regardless of collectors' individual interests, there ought to be something for everyone.

If you have not already received a catalog, contact Archives International Auctions right away by phone at 201-944-4800 or by web at www.archivesinternational.com. As typical, you may bid in person or by mail, fax, phone or internet.

Archives International's catalogs are always very well produced. Items are well illustrated and most are given lots of "breathing room." Because of the presentation style, the catalogs tend to be very thick and will probably become collectible in themselves. Make sure you get yours while they are still available.

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