October 13, 2014

Archives International Auctions, sale 21

Dr. Robert Schwartz is now presenting his 21st sale since 2007. Like all recent Archives' catalogs, this catalog is in full color and the majority of lots are illustrated.

Gross statistics: This time, there are 1,450 lots offered, of which at least 420 are related to stocks and bonds. Of that number, 178 are related to railroads and all but one are North American companies. About 24 lots are multi-item lots and always represent excellent buying opportunities.

As typical, Schwartz is offering numerous specimens, all of which are rare to highly rare. Collectors beware! Specimens like these often represent the ONLY opportunities to acquire ANYTHING from many of these lines. If anyone is a specialist in a certain family of companies, I warn you to strongly consider looking at Schwartz's offerings.

When we are talking about rarities such as these, it's hard to pick stand-outs. A certificate that is special to one person might have no meaning to someone else. The best thing I can recommend is for everyone to check the online catalog as soon as possible.

A special message to my European readers. Unlike European sales, Archives International does NOT list minimum starting bids. Instead, minimum bids for scripophily are 60% of minimum estimates, and are, therefore, substantially lower than European norms. Buyers' commissions are 18% of the hammer price and there is no Value Added Taxe (VAT).. I strongly recommend European collectors check out this sale.

For those readers who live within easy distance of New York City, be aware that all scripophily-related lots will be sold at the Museum of American Finance at 48 Wall Street starting at 10:30, Saturday October 25. All remaining lots (lots 450 to 1450) will be sold Tuesday, November 4 at the Archives International Auctions office in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Contact Archives International Auctions by phone at 201-944-4800 or through its website for a copy of the latest catalog.

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