April 06, 2015

HWPH sales 37 and 38 approaching

I received two more beautiful auction catalogs from Herr Matthias Schmitt. All 2,152 lots are illustrated in full color. Part 1 of the sale (Auktion 37) will take place on Saturday, April 18 and will feature a total of 835 lots. Of the 20 lots involving North American railroads, I'd suggest looking closely at lot 27, a 100-share specimen from the Missouri Railway Construction Company. That is a certificate with one of the most impressive ABNCo vignettes showing men building a stone retaining wall and lifting blocks into place with a small railroad crane. (Minimum bid, €180.)

Although much less visually attractive, I suspect lot 20 will attract higher bids because it is the first certificate to appear from the Los Angeles San Diego & Yuma Railway Co. (Minimum bid, €400)

Part 2 of the sale (Auktion 38) continues on Monday, April 20 with the remaining 1,317 lots. Like all HWPH sales, the company's selections include certificates from all around the world. 217 lots involve certificates from North and South America. Of interest to my typical readers are about 47 lots from North American railroads. I will suggest paying particular attention to lot 1509 which features one of two known varieties of stock certificates from the Memphis Dallas & Gulf Railroad. There are three issued examples known and this is the only one (serial #120) that is fully signed with signatures of both the secretary and president.

Please check out the online catalogs at http://hwph.de/.

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