June 10, 2008

ABN Plates in Stack's Auctions

Although the catalog will not be available for a few weeks, there are more ABN plates are slated to appear in Stack's sale planned for July 27-28.

The sale of plates from the American Bank Note Company archives began under American Numismatic Rarities and then continued under Stack's. All the sales have contained a good selection of plates on a wide variety of subjects. There is a little bit of everything there to satisfy just about any collecting interest.

So far, prices for these historic artifacts have proven very strong. If you're interested in acquiring any of these, make sure you do your homework. Don't go in with a lowball bid and expect to win anything.

To date, plates have appeared in two ANR sales and five Stacks sales. You can research prices by looking through Stack's auction archives. Each sale offered about 150-160 plates. Full color images and prices realized are still available online for all lots sold. See my special page on sales of the American Bank Note Company archives for a complete list of all Stack's and ANR auctions that contained plates.

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