June 05, 2008

New SpinkSmythe Auction Catalog Online

I just checked back with SpinkSmythe and found its upcoming June 18 autograph auction (#280) now online.

As expected there are a few autographs related to stocks, bonds, and railroads. They include signatures from Jay Gould (lots 120 and 121), Collis Huntington (lot 144), Mahone (lot 168), and J.P. Morgan (lots 177 and 178). One of the sleepers, from my point here in Colorado, is the Henry Teller autographed certificate (lot 240).

Teller was a heavy-duty lawyer who moved to Central City when gold was flowing out of the mountains like water. A fair amount of it stuck in his trousers and he somehow managed to build a fortune, an opera house, and a Senate seat. In return, the grateful citizens of this fair state pinned his name to a large county.

In trying to discover his autograph, you may find that Spink's web page mavens have been working overly long hours somewhere on the planet adding new goo-gahs, paint and varnish to the house of Smythe.

If you get to the page pertinent to Autograph Auction 280, you may encounter a minor road bump when the page tells you that you need to accept "cookies." Here's the simple fix...

Depending on which browser you use, simply go to the top menubar and find the part that deals with privacy. Typically, click something like Tools > Options > Privacy. Merely set your privacy settings to "low", refresh the SpinkSmythe web page, and then set your privacy back to where you had it. Once you have Spink's "cookie" on your system, you can browse all auctions.

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